Suredeck Flooring Sealer


Antel SureDeck Flooring Sealer is a low viscosity fire retarding Sealer to be used when applying Antel SureDeck Resin Flooring System if requested.


a. Sealing surfaces post application of Antel SureDeck Resin Flooring System
b. Sealing and filling hairline cracks in concrete floors and structures.
c. Bonding together broken concrete structures.
d. Sealing surfaces post application of Antel SureDeck Coving System


5 Kgs, 10 Kgs sizes available.
All sizes are supplied as two component packs, Pack ‘A’ and Pack ‘B’ which when mixed make up the designated pack size.


Floor: 5 Kgs will cover 10m²
Coving: 5 Kgs will cover 10m²


Milky when mixed. Will dry/cure clear.


As Epoxy based products can be an irritant to the skin, all users are recommended to use a barrier cream and thoroughly wash with soap and water after use. Gloves and overalls should be worn. Eye/face protection is also recommended to combat possible splashes.


7.1 Preparation:
Surfaces must be dry and free from all foreign matter such as dust, grease, and dirt etc. Weak laitance and loose or flaking material must be removed by brushing and vacuuming.

7.2 Mixing:
Empty the entire contents of Pack ‘B’ into Pack ‘A’ and mix thoroughly. Mixing should be carried out by a slow speed mechanical stirrer. Mix for 2 minutes.

7.3 Application:

As a Sealer for Antel SureDeck Resin Flooring System use as follows:-
For small areas: Pour out in to a flat tray. This helps to dissipate the heat which causes the pot life to be reached prematurely.
Apply by brush/roller immediately, working well into the surface
For larger areas: A roller and paint tray will be adequate for this but a quicker and less arduous method employs the following procedure:-
Once mixed, pour out on to the substrate in a zig zag pattern. Using a squeegee, move the material around taking care not to localise bulk material. Finally, back roller the area. Make sure to achieve even and accurate coverage.

7.4 Curing:
Pot life when mixed is 20 minutes. Tough hard in 12 – 24 hours. Full cure is achieved in about 7 days – dependent upon the temperature. These curing times apply to both the standard and vertical grades.

7.5 Cleaning Tools:
Wash tools immediately after use with Antel Cleaning Solvent.

5 kg - £41.74
10 kg - £79.86