Welcome to Antel Suredeck.

Welcome to Antel Suredeck. This website specialises in our unique four part Marine Flooring system, created by Antel, that has been designed to be high quality, very durable and have excellent anti-slip properties.

The system comprises of an epoxy self smoothing compound incorporating a decorative non-slip quartz. The system is bound in a clear protective resin top coat providing an easy to clean surface sealer.

The Suredeck system is accredited with the Bodycote Warringtonfire global fire safety certification.

Antel manufacture and produce a wide range of chemicals for the building and leisure industries. Our production is based on over 20 years experience in the design, use and performance of specialist chemical formulations.

Antel Suredeck Marine Flooring is suitable for all marine interiors and is embossed with a slip resistant textured surface. It can be installed on practically any surface surface you can think of, making it ideal for use in all types of boats and ships such as fishing boats, ski boats and houseboats. Our flooring provides a long lasting anti slip surface.

Boat owners from around the globe have come to realize that Antel Suredeck Marine flooring is the flooring of choice for any marine flooring application that is desired. Our flooring provides long lasting performance and durability in any situation, even when exposed to harsh marine environments such as cold and hot weather, sun and salt water.

Our four part, easy to use marine flooring system is resilient against daily wear and tear caused by frictional forces such as busy corridors and regular cleaning. Our flooring also has high load bearing properties which is important for flooring with vehicular usage in order for stress forces to be dissipated without chipping or cracking.